What Are Some Job Opportunities for Retired People?


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Job opportunities for retired people include working from home as virtual assistants, pet sitters and customer service representatives. Jobs outside the home include crossing guards, security guards and bartenders.

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Work-at-home jobs offer retirees flexibility and employment without a commute. Such flexibility is available to virtual assistants, who set their own hours working for executives and other professionals. Their primary job is completing tasks remotely, including handling phone calls and correspondence. These positions typically require administrative experience, such as knowledge of Microsoft Office and other software.

Work-from-home jobs, such as pet sitter and customer service rep, also require no commute. However, they often require specific work hours. Pet sitters may work from their home or visit pet owners’ homes, providing food, medication and exercise to pets at specific times. Retirees working as customer service reps can work part time, but they may have less flexibility than self-employed retirees. Some of these positions offer benefits.

Retirees also have job opportunities outside the home. Crossing guards work outdoors on a daily basis, interacting with children, teachers and parents. Guards work part-time in the mornings and afternoons, leaving them a break during the mid-day. Security guards work in a variety of venues, monitoring alarms and surveillance equipment. These retirees can work days or nights, either full or part time. Retirees who prefer occasional, night or weekend work can find jobs as bartenders with pubs, restaurants and catering companies.

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