What Are Some Job Opportunities Other Than Teaching for Licensed Teachers?


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Some career options for licensed teachers other than classroom teaching include tutoring, corporate training, educational consulting, organization education directing and curriculum development. Teaching skills often translate well to these positions. Employers often look for certified teachers to fill these positions because of their educational background.

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Tutoring offers greater flexibility than classroom teaching, often taking place after school or on weekends. Tutors typically work with individual students or small groups. Tutoring employment options include working for an established local tutoring service, tutoring online or finding private clients.

An education degree is often a desired prerequisite for corporate trainers. Even companies outside the education field look for former teachers to lead training or manage the company training program.

For licensed teachers who enjoy the education field but don't want to teach in a classroom, educational consulting is an option. Many districts hire consultants or educational specialists to make recommendations or train teachers. This allows the teacher to keep a foot in the field with more flexibility than a traditional teaching job.

Non-profit organizations that serve children or families often hire education directors or other people in the education field to head their programs. Organizations such as camps, museums, social service organizations, art groups and theaters or drama facilities often hire teachers.

Curriculum development is a wide field with both freelance and full-time career options. Both major and smaller educational publishers hire curriculum writers. Experience in the education field is often a desired qualification for these positions.

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