What Are Some Job Opportunities for Artists?

What Are Some Job Opportunities for Artists?

Some job opportunities for artists include three-dimensional product design, photography, spatial design, people management and fashion designing. Art education propels individuals towards careers that are creative and unexpected, notes StudentArtGuide.com.

Visual effects animation is a career opportunity that entails inserting special effects into films, states TheArtCareerProject.com. These special effects are necessary to create an image that is more appealing to the audience and gives better insight on the location of the characters in the film. These special effects are typically inserted through the use of a computer.

Artists can find employment in writing or analytical fields. Some of these fields may include positions such as art critic, art historian, arts and cultural planner, graphic novel author and Internet blogger.

Career opportunities abound in the fashion and textile industry. Artists can take up job opportunities in fabric design, embroidery and costume designing. Artists may also pursue a career in accessory development including shoe, hat and bag designing.

A cartooning career entails drawing still images that can be used to depict humor. Newspapers and magazines publish a few pages containing these images. Photography entails taking pictures that can be used in various media. Specific job opportunities under this field include portrait photography, photo journalism and fashion photography.