How Do You Get a Job on an Oil Rig With No Experience?


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Getting a job on an oil rig with no experience can prove difficult, but to improve the chances of getting a job, it is best for the recruit to spend time working in construction or at sea and off-shore jobs. Working at these types of jobs before attempting to gain an oil rig job allows the applicant time to gain the experience necessary to work the tough, hands-on job.

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Attaining a job on an oil rig on shore or off shore is difficult because the entry level positions for these jobs are very competitive. Oil rigs require constant maintenance, and the equipment used to operate them is very technical and complicated. If an applicant is able to gain experience in companies that engineer such equipment, his chances of acquiring a job greatly improve.

If the applicant has a college education or experience in engineering, he may be eligible to join accelerated programs offered by many oil rig companies. Successful completion of these programs guarantees the opportunity to work on an oil rig in an elevated position. Proven leadership skills, such as being in the armed forces, also drastically improve the applicant's chance of joining an accelerated oil rig program or acquiring a job, according to Maerks Drilling.

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