How Do You Get a Job Making Music for TV Shows?


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To get a job making music for TV shows, learn how to compose, record and mix music electronically. Build a portfolio of compositions. Sell your music to a production music library, or create a website and market your pieces directly to production companies.

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How Do You Get a Job Making Music for TV Shows?
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The first step to become a TV composer is to learn to compose music in a software program such as Logic Pro or Pro Tools. Learn how to input your songs into the program and use sample libraries to build a full orchestration. Next, export the final songs in a high-quality format that is ready for broadcast.

If you prefer to focus on composition rather than marketing, submit your pieces to a production music library such as Killer Tracks Production Music or APM Music. Work with the company representatives to set a base price and licensing fee for each song placement. The production music library licenses your music to TV producers and pays you a percentage of the royalties.

Alternatively, build a portfolio website with samples of your TV scores. Identify the audio production managers at your target TV shows, and market your pieces directly to them. When a show requests a song, negotiate the licensing fees and usage conditions.

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