How Do You Find a Job You Love?


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In order for a person to find a job he loves, he must first think about what skills he has, what his particular strengths are or what types of things he'd like to learn to do. If there is something that the person is particularly skilled at doing, then he might start to look for ways in which he can sharpen those skills and start using them to make money.

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For instance, if a person loves kids and get along with them really well, he might start offering babysitting services to friends or families that he knows. Eventually, he may apply for a job at a school or extra-curricular program. He may even decide to become a teacher. Forbes magazine recommends that people should follow the things they are curious about and not make money the primary focus in finding a job that they love. This may be a difficult concept for many to accept, but the magazine emphasizes that when a person focuses on his motivations and passions instead of money, he stands out as unique and capable at what he does. This eventually puts him in a position of power, with the ability to earn money on his own terms.

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