How Do You Get a Job With Your Local Board of Education?

Get a job with your local Board of Education by locating current openings through the job opportunities page of the Education section of your city's, county's or state's website. You can also look for Board of Education job postings on general job search sites such as, or

One of the most common ways to find local Board of Education jobs is to search on job hunting sites for current listings. Sites such as allow you to conduct detailed job searches with specific filters for industry, pay rate and location of the job, which means you can narrow down the listings to find an exact Board of Education job in your area. The site also features an employer rating system that is comprised of reviews written by current and past employees.

Many cities also feature Board of Education jobs on either the city's website or the Board's website. For example, the Cambridge Public School System in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers a Careers section on its site as of 2015 that allows interested parities to search for different education jobs within the district, as well as jobs on its Board of Education. The site also contains links to online application forms and other sites with related job application support and listings.