How Do You Get a Job at an Inbound Call Center?

How Do You Get a Job at an Inbound Call Center?

To get a job at an inbound call center, search for available jobs on job posting sites or on company websites and send in an application. To increase the chances of getting hired, brush up on skills such as computers, typing, communication, problem solving and time management, as recommended by Goodwill.

Run through the following steps to get a job at an inbound call center.

  1. Work on key job skills
  2. Working as a representative at an inbound call center requires excellent communication skills, so work on both written and verbal communication. Make sure to be able to show courtesy and knowledge and be helpful and able to show concern when it is appropriate. Have or develop excellent computer and typing skills. Employ time-management and problem-solving skills.

  3. Find sources for job postings
  4. Search job websites, such as, to find available call center jobs. Many companies, such as AT&T, also post available jobs directly on their websites, as exemplified by the call center page on the AT&T careers website.

  5. Search for jobs
  6. Search for inbound call center jobs on the job website. Filter search results by location or job title to see relevant results.

  7. Apply for the job
  8. Read the job description and send in an application.