What are some job ideas for those 55 and older?


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Some job ideas for those 55 and older include consulting, teaching and starting a retail business. Older workers often have trouble finding a new job, but the experience required for these positions make them a good match for those over 55.

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Older workers with specialized skills or experience often make use of their knowledge in a position as a consultant. Consultants are typically hired on by companies for a set period of time, contributing their skills to specific goals or projects. Consultants are generally independent contractors who receive generous pay rates, because the company does not pay for their benefits. The work is engaging and self-directed, but it can also be sporadic.

Experienced workers may also find their skills applicable to teaching or tutoring in their area of expertise. Many individuals find teaching later in life to be a rewarding experience. Certification courses are an option for those looking to teach grade school, while those with advanced degrees may be interested in community college or night courses.

Opening a retail business is another popular career for older workers looking to be their own boss. Accumulated possessions such as antiques, books or records can form the basis for an inventory, and online services like eBay, Craigslist or Etsy make it easy for retailers to maintain an online presence. Retailers may also rent space for a physical storefront or sell items at street fairs or flea markets.

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