How Do You Get a Job Hauling Livestock?


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Livestock Network lists postings for livestock hauling jobs, as well as companies offering their services if anyone has a need. Business also use the space to sell trucks and other tools and machines.

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The Livestock Network website features a forum where industry professionals and those wanting to join the industry can ask questions and share information among each other. This is a valuable resource for advice from those who have direct experience with the job. Visitors can also use the forum as a networking tool if you are not finding the work you are looking for in the job boards.

Social networking sites are also good places for networking and finding work. Facebook has a page called Dark Side Cattle Haulers, where livestock haulers can meet and congregate, trade tips, announce job openings and communicate with like-minded people.

Most of the work does not require experience, but there are a few papers often required, as outline in the Mike Wacker Trucking web site, that you may need to have in hand or be in the process of getting if you are planning to apply. For example, some companies expect you to have a driver's licence and to carry your own liability insurance.

Certain areas of the country have a more concentrated need for livestock hauling, such as the central states of the U.S., as well as in Canada.

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