How Do You Get a Job Hanging Drywall?


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To get a job hanging drywall, seek employment through various websites, states Indeed.com. SimplyHired.com is another website that lists job openings for drywall workers.

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Some companies require the prospective employee to have a certification or an apprenticeship in dry walling in order to be eligible for hire, notes BLS.gov. To find jobs hanging drywall, use the steps below.

  1. Find a website to browse
  2. To begin searching for a drywall job, select a reputable website to browse. Indeed.com is one example.

  3. Search the job listings
  4. After finding a website, enter the word "drywall" in the search feature and choose the desired location. This brings up a list of results. Select the title to learn more about the job. This includes location information, salary, a job description and the requirements needed to apply.

  5. Browse the classified ads
  6. For drywall jobs in the local area, a better resource to check is the local classified ads. These are found in most newspapers. Classified sites such as Craigslist.org also have job listings.

  7. Apply for the job
  8. After finding an interesting job, apply for the job as instructed by the job description. This may require online or in-person applications and submission of a resume. Fill the application out completely and check back with the potential employer to inquire about the status of the job.
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