How Do You Get a Job at Google?


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Get a job at Google by finding an opening for which you are qualified, applying online and going for an interview. Google is one of the most sought-after companies to work for.

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  1. Find an opening

    Go to the main page of the official Google website. In the lower left corner, click About. Under Google Careers, click Learn More, and under Teams and Roles, click Show Me Teams and Roles. Available jobs are broken down into categories such as engineering and design, sales and account management, administrative, marketing and communications, and so on. Choose the category you think is most suitable for you, and click Learn More for a more detailed description. To the right of the page is a list of locations with job openings in that particular category.

  2. Fill out an application

    Click on a job title. Read the detailed description of the job location, responsibilities, minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications. If you want to apply, click the red rectangle that says Apply Now. Upload your resume, enter your contact details, provide information on your education and work experience, and write an optional cover letter.

  3. Have an interview

    After a preliminary conversation with a recruiter, have a scheduled phone interview. If it goes well, have an in-person interview with four or five Google employees. During the interview, they assess your leadership abilities, knowledge, problem-solving skills and compatibility with Google culture. A committee of employees reviews information from interviews to make final hiring choices.

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