How Do You Find a Job Fast?


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To find a job fast, apply for jobs in your field of expertise. To find employment opportunities, conduct online job searches and contact former coworkers or employers for job leads. Update social media information to attract job recruiters and HR representatives.

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Update your resume to include all new accomplishments, educational information and awards. Create a cover letter template to include with each resume. Make a list of all job opportunities for which you're qualified. If possible, address cover letters to the person recruiting for the position. Follow all job application instructions provided on the company's website or in the job ad. To show your interest in the position, send a follow-up email three to five days after applying for the job.

Create a list of all professional and personal accomplishments or instances that demonstrate your leadership, problem-solving or research abilities. Before an interview, research a potential employer to learn more about the position, the company's products and services, its new technologies and other information to discuss. Stand out from other applicants by demonstrating knowledge of what a company does and how it conducts business. Bring a copy of your resume to leave with the interviewer. After the interview, mail a personalized thank-you note or email it to the interviewer.

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