How Do You Get a Job As an Envelope Stuffer?


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To get a job as an envelope stuffer, look for advertisements online, in the local newspaper or in flyers in local businesses and contact the person by email or phone. Research any envelope stuffing opportunity carefully before committing, especially if the person asks for money, warns FTC.gov.

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Opportunities for envelope stuffing jobs are available on job boards, social media sites, bulletin board flyers in community centers and even via email. For someone to begin work as an envelope stuffer, the person offering the job, called a promoter, replies to a message or phone call after the jobseeker contacts him.

However, often the job offer is not really a job. It is the promoter offering to tell the jobseeker how to get started stuffing envelopes for other people or companies and earn a lot of money doing so.

Very few envelope stuffing jobs are legitimate, notes FTC.gov. Once the jobseeker sends the money, he usually receives a letter telling him the way to make money is to pass on the same "opportunity" to other people and get money from them. The promoters rarely pay anyone.

Ensure that an envelope stuffing job is legitimate by asking the person questions before agreeing to anything. Find out who pays for the work, how and how often payments for work are made, how long the company has been in business and what the exact job responsibilities are. Contact the Better Business Bureau about the company as well.

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