What Are the Job Duties of a Secretary?

Jay P. Morgan/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A secretary’s duties can include many responsibilities, such as scheduling appointments and meetings, managing calls and messages from third parties and keeping and maintaining records and files. This position is also sometimes referred to as an administrative assistant.

A secretary is often the facilitator of numerous aspects of communication throughout a workplace environment. They will often act as a liaison for the company or will manage calls like a receptionist. They also are usually tasked with the circulation of memos, agendas and other types of company reports.

During meetings, secretaries often keep track of other people’s schedules and will many times be tasked with taking notes for the convenience of other people at the meeting. When resolutions are made, secretaries sometimes will also be tasked with seeing to make sure certain commitments are kept or agreed actions are made.

Another very important aspect of the secretary’s work is to maintain files and keep adequate records. Sometimes, this will include making sure the company’s directory of contacts is kept up to date. They also may have to keep record of a company’s actions and maintain a planner for future activities or meetings. Secretaries may also have certain legal responsibilities, like ensuring various legal requirements are met. It is also not uncommon for a secretary to sit on a disciplinary board.