What Are the Job Duties of a Scrub Tech?


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Mayo Clinic explains that the job duties of a scrub tech, also called a surgical technologist, entail various aspects of helping in operating rooms, such as prepping the rooms, checking the equipment, washing patients for surgery, preparing their incision sites, and passing and holding instruments during operations. After a surgery, a scrub tech may help take the patient to recovery and restock the operating room.

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Some scrub techs may also hold internal organs during operations. When scrub techs take inventory of operating room stock before a surgery, their duties entail counting supplies such as sponges and needles. They may drape patients in the operating room and get medications and sterile solutions ready for the surgery. They also help the surgical team members get into their gloves and gowns. Scrub techs may also be responsible for laboratory specimens.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that scrub techs often stand for hours on end and must be capable of lifting weighty amounts of medical supplies and helping move patients. Part of the job includes possible exposure to diseases as well as exposure to disagreeable smells and sights. The bureau further notes that scrub techs must be ethical, dexterous, have good command of details and practice excellent stress-management techniques.

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