What Are the Job Duties of a Resident Manager?


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Duties of a resident manager include leasing vacant apartments and ensuring proper maintenance of the residence. The manager also listens to tenant complains about violations in the residence, investigates the violations and penalizes those who cause the violations accordingly.

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Leasing empty apartments involves advertising the apartments to the public, meeting with interested tenants to show them the apartments and provide them with other vital information related to the tenancy, and checking the rental history and financial records of the new tenants before leasing to them.

Once the manager verifies that a new tenant meets the requirements needed to occupy the apartment, he signs the lease agreement and instructs the maintenance staff to carry out any maintenance work needed in the apartment before the entry of the new tenant, including replacement of damaged power sockets and switches, water taps and light bulbs. Besides ensuring that vacant apartments are in good condition for new tenants, other maintenance tasks that resident managers perform include coordinating trash removal and disposal, and coordinating maintenance of residential facilities, such as swimming pools.

To become a resident manager, an individual should complete an associate's or bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such real estate or business. To enhance employment chances, an aspiring resident manager should obtain certification from relevant bodies, such as the Institute of Real Estate Management and National Apartment Association.

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