What Are Some Job Duties of a Registered Health Information Administrator?


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Job duties of a registered health information administrator include ensuring the proper documentation of all patient health data, overseeing the use and maintenance of internal health records information software and creating policies and procedures for using the programs in a healthcare environment. The job may also include identifying areas of inefficiency in the process and converting paper records into digital formats.

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A registered health information administrator is responsible for overseeing the patient health records within a medical facility, such as a public hospital or private practice. The primary responsibility of the job is to create and implement a system through which doctors and other medical professionals may catalog patient information and reference it on a future date. In some settings, this may involve a paper filing system that includes physical copies of records and charts. However, according to regulations in the Affordable Care Act, most facilities are implementing digital record keeping systems, which increase privacy and efficiency.

In settings with digital systems, the administrator is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure across the organization and ensuring that all relevant parties understand how to use it. The administrator may also perform regular checks on the system to identify any issues as well as areas of redundancy or that may need other forms of improvement. Other responsibilities include developing new methods and techniques for using these systems within the workplace and ensuring compliance with other state and federal regulations.

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