What Are Some Job Duties of an Oceanographer?


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Job duties or an oceanographer may include examining plants, studying ocean attributes or investigating the chemical properties of the ocean. The job duties of oceanographers vary widely depending on their specific areas of specialization.

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A biological oceanographer studies animals, plants and microbes. A chemical oceanographer examines the chemical properties of the ocean in relation to the surrounding environment, while a physical oceanographer studies attributes of the ocean including currents, waves, tides and temperature.

Some oceanographers work in the field or at sea and often work long and irregular hours. Others work in laboratories performing new studies and experiments in oceanography or running routine procedures. Experts who work in office settings typically have a more relaxed work environment.

Computer skills are necessary in oceanography to research, analyze and catalogue data. Oceanographers also learn advanced computer techniques including computer modeling, remote sensing and digital mapping. A professional should be able to communicate his research or results effectively with other scientist.

Oceanographers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree. Areas of study may include in oceanography, hydrology, geo-sciences or environmental science. People interested in research positions may pursue master’s degrees, while those interested in high-level research opportunities or teaching jobs may pursue doctorate degrees. Oceanography schools are ideal for people who want to specialize in areas such as biological oceanography or marine geology.

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