What Are the Job Duties of an Electronic Assembler?

The job duties of an electronic assembler may include assembling electrical and electronic components, installing units in an assembly line, aligning and connecting wiring, and interpreting technical drawings. Electronic assemblers read work orders, blueprints and production instructions and communicate the information to other workers. This type of work also involves repairing faulty components as well as soldering and micro-welding parts for specified functions.

Electronic assemblers carry out quality control tasks, installation and the inspection of finished assembly lines. The work requires checking, testing and measuring assembled components to ensure conformance with technical specifications. This requires measuring and adjusting voltages to specified working levels. Electronic assemblers should also have good hand-eye coordination to handle small, intricate parts.

Electronic assemblers connect electrical devices and manufacturing equipment with electronic circuits. Electronic assemblers play an important role in production assembly lines to maintain power connection. They also write reports and record details about operation, repair and inventory.

Electronic assemblers also handle basic mechanical tasks, such as riveting assemblies, drilling holes in specified parts of equipment and screwing connecting parts. Electronic assemblers coordinate with other technical professionals to deliver efficient production and manufacturing systems. They also need to be in touch with changing technology and apply it when necessary. Communication skills play a key role to efficiently manage large-scale operations.