What Are Some Job Descriptions for Members of a Board of Directors?


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Job descriptions for members of a board of directors may include duties such as advising the executive team of the company, developing strategies for overall growth of the organization, voting on major financial decisions and participating in other planning and strategic initiatives. The job description may also mention responsibilities such as voting on the admission or dismissal of other board members and or documenting the process of each board meeting.

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A board of directors is a governing body for a company or similar organization that defines the main goals and purpose of the entity, outlining broad strategies and plans that it passes down to other members of the company to develop and implement. The job description for a member of such a board likely includes multiple sections that highlight the leadership and planning responsibilities of the position. The board member may be responsible for helping to determine the overall goals of the organization, which in turn influences its purpose and actions.

Some job descriptions may also call for the board member to work directly with people such as the CEO or CFO of the company to develop and refine the company's vision, offering advice and feedback on their ideas and plans. Board members typically also must attend regular board meetings, in which the group votes on different projects and plans that affect the group as a whole, such as deciding to open a second location or lay off a segment of the employees.

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