What Is the Job Description for a Title I Teaching Position?


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The job description for a Title I teaching position may vary between schools and subjects, but typically includes an emphasis on working with underprivileged or underperforming students to increase test scores and overall academic activities, preparing special lesson plans and meeting with parents on a regular basis. Some schools may also require the teachers to meet more stringent testing criteria and submit forms to allocate funds to the classroom.

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A Title I teaching position refers to any educational instruction job at a Title I school, which is an educational institution receiving additional federal funding because it has a high population of students who fail to meet state standards. This typically appears in the form of results on standardized testing, the overall grade point average of the student population, the number of students in regular attendance and the percent of the students that move on to the next grade or graduate. As such, many of the requirements for such a job focus on improving student performance.

Teachers at a Title I school may need to prepare special lesson plans to comply with aspects of the program, as well as achieve and maintain a minimum grade average or passing rate in their classrooms. The job description for such a role may also require the teachers to take a greater role in communicating with parents to identify issues and encourage a healthy studying environment. It may also call for the teacher to make specific requests to access the additional funding from the program.

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