What Is the Job Description for a Tattoo Artist?


Tattoo artists, also called tattooists or body artists, apply permanent markings and images on people’s bodies. They draw words, symbols and images on the skin using ink and needles. Tattooists have a great interest in body art, a steady hand and an eye for design.

Good hand-eye coordination and skills in a variety of art styles are important in applying permanent tattoos. Most tattoo artists use handheld machines and devices to insert indelible non-toxic pigment into the skin. They follow an outline of decorative or ornamental design chosen by the client. The job of tattooists mainly involves suggesting suitable tattoos for clients, making sure that the selected design is the exact tattoo wanted by the client, informing customers that tattoos are permanent and applying the design onto the client’s skin. Moreover, they need to keep up to date with the latest trends in tattoos and follow strict health and hygiene procedures to ensure the client’s safety. They sterilize needles in steam-heated cabinets and apply sterile dressing to the part of the skin where the tattoo will be performed. All reusable tools are sterilized before every session. Tattoo artists draw original designs on paper before tracing the designs on acetate sheet and cutting them out to form a pattern.