What Is the Job Description of a Storekeeper?

Storekeepers work under supervisors to oversee all operational aspects of the store, ranging from receiving products to managing inventory and providing customer service. Storekeepers find employment in many types of stores, including retail, culinary and electronic establishments. Regardless of specific store type, however, their duties and responsibilities remain largely the same.

Storekeepers work with store supervisors to ensure smooth operations and efficiency of their stores. On a daily and weekly basis, storekeepers help receive, document and sell products. They maintain a current and accurate store inventory by accounting for all products on store shelves. Upon receiving merchandise, storekeepers catalogue data on all products into the store's system, which usually includes a software program and computerized spreadsheet.

These employees submit requests for products when supplies run low and coordinate arrivals of supplies with vendors. They maintain constant contact with suppliers, staying informed of price changes and ensuring a good understanding of each product.

Storekeepers generate reports on inventory, which includes information like date and time of arrival, time on the shelf and volume of sales. This creates a record of the popularity of items and helps storekeepers schedule shipping times to ensure items remain in stock. Storekeepers engage in money management too and interact with customers, providing information on products as requested.