What Is the Job Description for a Security Guard?


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Security guards watch over and protect a property against various threats, including vandalism, theft, illegal activity and terrorism. Security guards use closed-circuit TV monitors to survey property, write observation reports, speak with witnesses and enforce laws. Security guards also work with the police, paramedics and fire fighters.

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Security guards can either be armed or unarmed, and they work in retail stores, office buildings, museums, government buildings and bars. Where a guard works often determines his specific job duties. A guard may be positioned at a stationary location where he monitors cameras and alarms or assigned a specific patrol area. A guard can also work an armored truck, ensuring the protection of valuables and money.

A security guard likely spends most of his time on his feet, but some may be stationed in a guardhouse or behind a counter. Depending on the work shift, a security guard may spend a majority of his time alone, with other guards or interacting with employees and visitors. A guard's job can be both dangerous and hazardous if an incident occurs.

As of 2015, compared to the national average, security guards experience more injuries and illnesses. Guards often have rotating schedules that consist of eight-hour shifts and sometimes longer.

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