What Is a Job Description for a Salesman?

job-description-salesman Credit: Christopher L./CC-BY-2.0

A salesman drives company profits by selling products or services to customers. There are many different types of sales jobs across many industries, and education requirements vary. Salesmen are also usually the face of the companies they represent, interacting directly with customers who are interested in purchasing goods or services, so customer service is critical to the salesman job description.

Since company profits are derived directly from the sales of its products or services, it is important that a salesman understands how to get the attention of prospective buyers, assess and identify their needs and convince them why his product or service is the best option for them. It is also important for an effective salesman to be knowledgeable about the product or service he sells and to be able to present it so that the customers understand it, so excellent presentation skills are also an essential part of the salesman's job description.

Some sales jobs include a quota that a salesman must meet in order to maintain his current rank and others are commission-based, which means a salesman earns a percentage of each sale which may be in addition to or in place of a base salary. It is also very important for salesmen to be effective at networking in order to build a large, faithful customer base based on both his services and their confidence in the product or service he sells.