What Is the Job Description for a Restaurant Cashier?


Restaurant cashiers are typically in charge operating the registers and processing different types of payment. If they are working at a fast food establishment, they generally also take food orders. Cashiers in full-service restaurants often fulfill the host/hostess position as well and perform a variety of other tasks, such as showing people to seats and giving them extra table settings or glasses of water.

The duties of a restaurant cashier vary somewhat depending on whether the restaurant is a fast food establishment or a full-service restaurant. In a fast food establishment, cashiers are typically working at the front of the house and taking orders from customers standing in line. They have to stand for long periods of time and must be skilled at listening to customers and correctly entering orders. It is also important for them to be able to count money accurately for correct change.

In a full-service restaurant, cashiers are usually also hosts or hostesses. In this case, they are likely to be the first point of contact for customers coming into the restaurant. They usually map the seating area and take customers to their seats. They also cash out customers and take care of any last-minute issues. They may also be responsible for cashing out waitresses.