What Is the Job Description for a Recruiter?


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A recruiter is a knowledgeable person who finds jobs and fills positions in businesses and organizations for other people. Recruiters can either work based on resume reviewing, or may actively meet with and seek qualified persons for positions.

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A recruiter's job includes reviewing a potential worker for job experience, negotiating rates of pay and salaries and placing candidates in agreeable positions based on their skill levels and training. Recruiters typically are paid by the fee they collect from the person seeking employees. The recruiter also establishes the first contact between the employee and the employer, as the person of interest bases the general impression of the company or person that will hire them off of the attitude and ability of the recruiter. The jobs and responsibilities of a recruiter differ with the field.

Recruiters can be used for business, the military, personal or contingency purposes. Business recruiters are often permanent and work hand in hand with the company. Military recruiters seek out potential joiners based on test scores and interest, actively going from place to place to seek such people. Personal recruiters are hired by an individual to find a person for a specific job. Contingency recruiters often do not work closely with the company, and cannot always ensure the interviewee a position.

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