What Is the Job Description of a Project Manager for a Software Project?


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A software project manager's primary duties involve making sure all members of the project team understand their roles and have the necessary resources to do their jobs successfully. The manager is also responsible for developing a plan for the project and creating a schedule for its release.

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Project managers serve as an intermediary between the management of the software company and the lower-level workers on development teams. Communication is a crucial part of their jobs, as they have to accurately relay information between the two groups about project status, expectations and any problems that occur during the development process. Project managers are also required to have organizational skills, as they often are responsible for developing a time line for the software created by their team. Managers must set dates for product testing, beta release, final release and other important project milestones well ahead of time, and then guide their team to meet those goals. They are expected to be familiar with software life-cycle methodology.

Many software project managers have an educational background in computer science or information technology. Some software companies prefer to bring in new employees to serve as managers, but many promote existing workers to project management positions based on their experience with the company.

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