What Is the Job Description of an Office Administrator?


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Though the job description for an office administrator, also known as an office manager, may vary between companies, it typically involves the daily maintenance and organization of office procedures, tracking of employee services and facilitating the use of company resources. It may involve tasks such as paying facility bills, making food orders and aiding with other human resources tasks.

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An office manager serves as the primary administrator of workplace policies and procedures, keeping a record of all official policy documents and making them available to any employee who requests them. Some office managers may enforce general office policies, such as dress codes, tardiness policies or codes of conduct, reporting or reprimanding employees in violation of the policies. The office administrator handles the organization of all company documents, including local copies of legal papers, business plans and client records as well as any incoming and outgoing mail.

The office administrator may need to pay monthly rent for office space, pay utility bills and manage the ordering of office supplies, such as paper, pens or food for the break room. It is common for office administrators to work with other departments on tasks, such as disseminating pay stubs from the payroll department or updating employees on new state work regulations with the human resources department. Some jobs may require the office administrator to answer phones and greet incoming guests.

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