What Is the Job Description of a Nonprofit Board of Directors?


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Though the specific details of the position may vary between entities and industries, the job description for a member of the board of directors for a nonprofit typically focuses on offering foresight and guidance to the organization and supporting the executive leadership. The job may also include voting on major decisions for the nonprofit, outlining its overall goals and working with other entities to create partnerships.

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As with a traditional business, the board of directors for a nonprofit serves as an oversight committee that deals only with the top-level actions of the organization rather than the daily activities and actions. As such, the job description for this role typically includes a variety of tasks designed to offer the most support to the management teams to help them delegate responsibilities and build the appropriate teams to accomplish different tasks. This may include regularly meeting with an executive leadership team to review performance or being available for questions from different members of the organization.

The job description is also likely to include sections covering the guidance of the organization as a whole, including outlining the main purpose of the nonprofit and developing major strategies to achieve these goals. For example, if the nonprofit chooses a goal of alleviating homelessness for veterans, the board of directors may determine the benchmarks for measuring the problem and for tracking success, working with other organizations to offer services to veterans and create housing opportunities and publicizing the issue through the appropriate channels.

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