What Is the Job Description of a Newspaper Editor?

job-description-newspaper-editor Credit: Ben Welsh/age fotostock/Getty Images

The Houston Chronicle reports that a news editor has two major responsibilities; the first is to assign reporters to various stories, and the second is to review stories for content, factual errors and accuracy. Editors also determine the layout of the paper by assigning what gets featured and where stories are located in the paper and on the media outlet's website.

AllJobOpenings.com states that editors are usually the most experienced staff in publishing. They meet with writers to determine content ahead of time for non-newsworthy feature stories. The editorial process is crucial to the success of a newspaper because success or failure hinges upon decisions about which pieces are published.

There are different types of editors within a newspaper. Assistant editors are responsible for one part of the newspaper; for instance, an editor who oversees all of the sports writers. Executive editors determine what stories are included for publication and which get dropped. These positions are responsible for the entire newspaper. Copy editors review stories for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. They also suggest improvements to writers.

Editors also provide layout design work, allocate photographs and arrange space on the printed page. They are vital to the newspaper's business, as these personnel keep stories on budget and on deadline, according to CareerPlanner.com.