What Is the Job Description of a MOS 25C Operator and Repairer?


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According to GoArmy, an MOS 25C operator and repairer maintains and services radio equipment. Because the Army uses the equipment to direct troop movements, it must always be in good working order.

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The specific job duties of an MOS 25C soldier are to maintain communications equipment and security devices, to exchange messages using the equipment and to keep power generators running. Communications equipment includes radios, antennas, teletypewriters and special enhanced position-locating and reporting systems.

Job training for this position requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat training and 13 weeks of Advanced Individual training. Training time is divided between the classroom and the field. Classroom learning focuses on mechanical and electrical principles. Hands-on training covers how to perform preventive maintenance, install and rewire communications lines and carry out security policies and procedures.

Successful applicants for the MOS 25C position enjoy working with electronic equipment and are interested in solving problems. They must also earn an ASVAB score of 98 or more for Surveillance and Communications and for Electronics. The ASVAB is an aptitude test that measures an applicant's ability and knowledge in 10 areas. In addition, applicants must earn a secret security clearance. Physical demands are rated as very heavy, requiring occasional lifts of 100 pounds or more and constant lifting in excess of 50 pounds.

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