What Is the Job Description of a Medical Assistant?

What Is the Job Description of a Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant job description generally includes details about administrative duties, such as updating medical records, greeting patients and answering telephones. It also includes clinical duties, such as helping patients prepare for examination, providing assistance to physicians during the examination procedure and giving information to patients about treatment procedures.

Medical assistants work side by side with physicians to ensure that the offices of the health practitioners run efficiently. Their duties vary according to the physician’s specialty, size of practice and office location. Administrative duties usually involve setting appointments, managing billing, handling bookkeeping, and making arrangements for hospital admission or laboratory services. Other duties include keeping records of vital signs and medical histories.

A job description of a medical assistant also includes information about working conditions. Full-time medical assistants typically work for 40 hours every week in clean environments. Moreover, they regularly deal with various types of people and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

The qualifications section in a medical assistant job description specifies the requirement for a high school diploma and preference for graduates of medical assisting programs. In some states, medical assistants must take a course or exam before performing tasks such as taking X-rays. Many employers hire applicants with formal training and ample experience. Medical assistants who obtained additional education or passed a relevant national test also have high chances of getting hired.

Medical assistants earn anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on where they live and where they choose to work. The medical assistants with a higher paying salary in 2013 were in California and Illinois and were located in metropolitan areas.