What Is the Job Description of a Homemaker?

Homemakers are responsible for managing everything that keeps the home running smoothly. Their duties typically involve cleaning the house, cooking meals, ensuring clothes are laundered, maintaining the household budget, shopping for groceries, caring for pets, and caring for children in the home.

Homemakers decide what needs to be done in the home and arrange for the chores to be completed. This is generally done by someone who lives in the household, if they are able-bodied. General household chores are done on a schedule that suits the residents of the home.

Cleaning tasks include dusting, vacuuming, making beds, washing and waxing floors, washing the dishes, putting away children’s toys, feeding pets, disinfecting the home, as well as washing, folding and mending clothes if needed.

Once the home is tidy, homemakers then begin preparing meals for the family. After a meal is cooked, the homemaker may also plate and serve the meals to those who are eating. If time does not permit, the homemaker may hire others to cook meals for them, or seek meals from an outside source. Homemakers also need to shop for food to ensure that everyone in the home gets proper nutrition.

In addition to cooking and cleaning, homemakers are also responsible for maintaining the household’s budget. They need to make sure all bills and expenses are paid in full. They also take responsibility for decorating the home, and, in some cases, may hire outside contractors to do so.