What Is the Job Description of a General Foreman?

According to the Los Angeles Community College District, a general foreman is a person who manages the day-to-day activities of a construction site, ensures on-time completion of a project and supervises construction workers. A general foreman balances supervisory duties with administrative duties for compliance with budgetary and human resources requirements.

Individual job descriptions may include requirements for manual labor. Although supervision is a necessary requirement for a general foreman, many organizations also require the general foreman to perform labor alongside other workers. The extent to which this occurs depends on the staff size, which should be in the job description. General foremen exhibit flexibility to determine crew schedules and must understand key components of conflict resolution between crew members. Those in management positions may interact with clients, so general foremen must exude a professional manner even in a harsh work environment. The ability to work under pressure and in a flexible work schedule helps a general foreman deal with possible emergencies.

Educational requirements may include technical college certification or extensive work experience. Many organizations require general foremen to have specific management experience in addition to technical experience. A background in meeting deadlines and budgetary requirements may indicate if a candidate has the knowledge required to perform administrative tasks.