What Is the Job Description for a Florist?

job-description-florist Credit: Bill Sykes/Cultura/Getty Images

The major duties of a florist include growing, cutting and arranging flowers. A florist also gets to help customers with choosing flowers, ribbons, containers and other floral accessories. Florists who run their own shops may also have additional duties such as taking orders, wrapping arrangements and managing the desk.

Most florists are employed full time working in retail shops, grocery stores or floral departments. Part of the job description of a florist involves making recommendations to customers based on the client's budget and preferred style. Flowers may be arranged in different ways to evoke a particular style. Depending on the client and the nature of the job, florists may be expected to travel to various locations to set up floral displays, such as with weddings and funerals.

Although some universities offer degree programs in floral designs, very few floral designers learn their craft this way. Most florists develop the skills needed for their job by enrolling in private floral schools or completing related courses. Aspiring florists often enroll with vocational colleges offering classes on useful areas such as plant identification and floral designs. Other useful certifications include courses on greenhouse farming. Florists may also gain some hands-on experience by opting to work for a period with an experienced floral designer.