What Is the Job Description of an Entomologist?


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An entomologist studies insects, including their classification, life cycle, distribution, ecology, physiology, behavior and population dynamics. Their studies serve several purposes, such as controlling pests or cultivating beneficial insect species. Entomologists work for universities, governments and private companies.

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Research done by entomologists is frequently focused on pest insects. These insects harm crops, people or animals. Entomologists help design measures to control these pests, including the design of pesticides that attack a pest insect's particular physiology. These measures must not only meet producer and consumer needs, but must also be environmentally responsible.

Teaching is also a relatively common job for entomologists. This includes college teaching, but also providing information to farmers and others who are affected regularly by insect pests. Entomologists are aware of which crops attract which types of pests, and can advise farmers on appropriate precautions.

Such knowledge of specific crop pests also helps entomologists monitor the movement of imported plant products on the behalf of governments, so that new pests are not introduced to environments within their countries. Other entomologists employed by governments help control pests that pose a risk to people, such as fleas and mosquitoes. Forest entomology is also an important field for the protection of the lumber industry, helping to keep the forests that support this industry safe.

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