What Is the Job Description of a Dialysis Nurse?


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According to the Education Portal website, a dialysis nurse is a registered nurse who works with patients who either suffer from kidney disease or kidney failure. These patients routinely undergo dialysis treatment, which is an artificial process used to remove waste and unhealthy fluids from the kidneys.

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A dialysis nurse can work in a dialysis clinic, hospital or private physician's office. A minimum of two years experience as a registered nurse is generally required. She must know how to use a dialysis machine, which extracts a patient's blood, cleans it and returns it to the body. According to the Best Nursing Degree website, Lorry Schoenly, a dialysis nurse follows the direct instructions of each patient's physician: She administers blood products or fluid therapy in accordance with the doctor's orders. She also provides information about the procedure and answers general questions for patients about dialysis.

The Education Portal website notes that dialysis nurses must undergo training to learn how to use a dialysis machine correctly. A dialysis nurse hooks patients up to dialysis machines for frequent treatments. The nurse must know precisely how the machine operates and recognize immediate warning signs if it starts to malfunction. The nurse continuously monitors each patient's vital signs during the dialysis procedures. Dialysis nurses also assess the effectiveness of dialysis procedures, communicate problems to doctors and maintain a clean, safe environment for patients.

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