What Is the Job Description for a Crew Truck Driver?

While each company includes its own unique requirements, the job description for a crew truck driver typically focuses on the need for an individual to transport a work crew from one location to another, such as between job sites or from the airport. The job may also include transporting or operating certain types of trucks or heavy equipment.

The primary responsibility of a crew truck driver typically consists of driving a transportation vehicle that carries workers to and from a job site, such as oil drilling in a remote area or asphalt paving within an urban setting. The driver is responsible for getting the work crew to the different locations on a preset schedule, which may include multiple stops to retrieve the workers from various spots. Some companies may require the driver to have a commercial driver's licence in order to operate larger trucks, though others may only require a standard driver's license in the appropriate class.

Each company also includes different additional responsibilities to the crew truck driver job, which may vary significantly. For example, one company may also make the driver the leader of the crew, adding responsibilities such as tracking the location and performance of the team or preparing certain materials for use at the job site. Other companies may also require the driver to occasionally operate other types of vehicles or participate in crew tasks over time.