What Is the Job Description of a Clerk?

A clerk is an employee assigned multiple administrative duties within a bank or office, such as maintaining records and accounts, answering phones, filing reports and processing data. Some other responsibilities of clerks include mailing and faxing, message delivery, running errands and a number of other daily tasks.

The responsibilities of a clerk vary depending on the nature of the business in which they are employed. For example, a hospital office clerk might spend more time assisting doctors and nurses with patient files, whereas a marketing firm clerk might work more with the company's clients via phone, fax, mail and email. As a clerk gains more experience within a particular field, he or she will often have the opportunity to specialize or become a clerk manager within the office.

Some job requirements for successful clerks include strong communication, computer and organizational skills. Clerks often work with multiple individuals and departments within an office and are responsible for communicating messages between them. From a technical perspective, clerks typically have the ability to create word processing documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Usually, they are also skilled in data entry. In addition to strong organizational abilities, customer service is often a valued asset in a clerk, as well as attention to detail.