What Is the Job Description for Clerical Work?

What Is the Job Description for Clerical Work?

Clerical work refers to office and administrative duties. Some typical tasks performed in clerical work include typing and word processing, bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, keeping records, and sorting and filing.

Those wishing to perform clerical work should have knowledge of the latest office equipment and software, as clerical tasks change as technology changes. Those who perform clerical work do so within a broad range of organizations.

The duties of business clerks vary by department and company. Shipping and receiving clerks handle paperwork for incoming and outgoing orders, and payroll clerks handle paychecks. Business clerks also include filing, billing and stock clerks. General office clerks and secretaries may also find work within the business sector.

Many clerks work in banking and financing institutions. These clerks perform general office duties as well as a number of money-related clerical tasks. Brokerage clerks perform tasks that include processing stock and bond orders and keeping financial transaction records. Other financial clerks take on tasks related to loans and claims.

The government is a promising sector in which general office clerks and administrative assistants can often find work. Court clerks prepare dockets and perform legal tasks for judges and lawyers. Municipal clerks attend and document city council meetings. License clerks work for the Department of Motor Vehicles.