What Is the Job Description of a Church Secretary?

A church secretary or administrator is responsible for running the church office, handling administrative tasks and functions and supporting the pastor and his staff. A church secretary may also delegate or oversee bookkeeping tasks, schedule events on the church calendar, manage telephone services, organize publications, and handle correspondence. The secretary serves as the public face of the church and the first line of contact for members of the parish, visitors, newcomers and salespeople.

Churches typically want a secretary to be a Christian, but this is not always a requirement. The person is often a member of the church where she serves. In addition to her prescribed duties, she is expected to be discrete and refrain from gossip, since she is often privy to private information such as finances, counseling situations and other sensitive information.

Each church situation is unique, and the size of the congregation, the annual budget and the amount of community outreach the church commits to all affect the scope of the secretary’s job. Other duties that may fall under the purview of this administrative position are recording the minutes of council meetings, editing and producing the church newsletter, ordering flowers for services, coordinating travel and speaking engagements for the clergy, and assisting the church clerk or treasurer.