What Is the Job Description for a Caterer?


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A caterer is someone whose business is to provide the clientele with food, supplies and sometimes services at social gatherings. Specific catering duties depend on the job environment, but successful catering companies focus on food prep and service, cleanup and sales.

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Caterers work closely with both event planners and private customers to provide menus for various functions. They need to be good cooks, but because functions can be very large, they also need to be capable of producing great food in mass amounts. Caterers often need to be creative when meeting with customers, so they can create the perfect menu and service plan that fits the client's needs and budget.

Because they work so closely with their customers, caterers must have outstanding social skills and be active listeners. Constant collaboration is a key aspect of a caterer's job. They also need to be able to attract customers and sell their products to potential clients.

At an event, the catering company is often directly involved with the actual service of the menu. Again, it is likely to be in close contact with its client to determine the depth of service. Following a function, the company finishes up by engaging in cleanup duties.

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