What Is the Job Description of a Catalogue Deliverer?


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The job description for a catalogue delivery position may include requirements such as possession of a vehicle, specific hourly needs for employment or details about the minimum quantity of items to deliver each week. The descriptions typically also cover a base pay and any bonus or incentive opportunities as well as age and location requirements.

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Catalogue delivery occupations exist in many different locations and typically involve receiving or retrieving a set of catalogues and brochures from a distributor for dissemination across a specific area. Although the specific details of these descriptions may vary between companies, many require applicants to have access to a vehicle. This allows the companies to cover a wider range of locations and carry a larger amount of catalogues during each delivery run. It may be possible for some applicants to obtain the job without access to a vehicle, though it may impact total earning possibilities.

The job descriptions also frequently mention the time commitment for the job, with many offering flexible hours and the option to create a custom schedule. This is often because the companies focus on the total distribution rates of the products rather than the number of hours employees work each week. As such, the job descriptions may also contain information about bonus programs tied to the volume of deliveries in addition to details about a base hourly rate.

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