What Is the Job Description of a Caregiver?


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Caregivers offer home assistance to people who are sick, mentally disabled, elderly, injured or otherwise in need of assistance. A caregiver is typically responsible for helping with daily activities, administering medication, and performing light housework.

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Caregivers are often hired directly by a client or the client’s family. Their services may also be arranged through a physician or nurse. A caregiver’s main responsibility is to help clients with activities such as bathing, eating and grooming. A caregiver may also help a client make and keep appointments with doctors and help arrange transportation to those appointments. Finally, a caregiver offers companionship to clients, offering company to individuals who may not have much contact with the outside world.

Caregivers must possess attention to detail, as many clients may have very specific needs that must be provided precisely and consistently. They must also have strong interpersonal skills. Caregivers offer companionship to clients who may be in extreme pain or possess limited mobility, and fluid communication with these difficult clients is a necessity. Good caregivers must also have a certain level of physical strength and stamina, as they must often help move clients into bathtubs, onto beds or into cars. Finally caregivers must have good time-management and organizational skills, as they are often responsible for helping clients take medication on time and for scheduling doctor’s appointments.

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