What Is the Job Description of a Car Jockey?

In the United States, a car jockey is also known as a parking lot attendant and is responsible for parking vehicles or issuing tickets in a parking lot or garage. A car jockey may also be responsible for collecting fees from customers, retrieving vehicles and keeping the area tidy.

A car jockey's job description also includes directing customers to open parking spaces, escorting people to their cars for safety purposes, calculating parking charges, patrolling the area and reviewing IDs. Garages may also offer additional services, such as maintaining and servicing vehicles left in long-term storage, that fall under a car jockey's purview.

However, in Indonesia, the term "car jockey" has taken on a different meaning. Poor women who stand alongside roads offer to travel short distances with drivers to help them meet the three-person quota required to allow cars to travel in the fast lane, shortening commute times. Often, these women travel with babies that help single drivers meet the quota. While not strictly illegal, car jockeys have been arrested on occasion, but the women continue to work as car jockeys due to economic necessity. Female car jockeys are preferred due to the drivers' own security concerns, but the women face the additional risk of sexual harassment and assault.