What Is the Job Description of a Business Manager?

A business manager oversees the activities of workers, hires, trains and evaluates new employees, and/or makes sure that a company is on track to meet financial goals. Further, the business manager sees that all workers have the necessary resources to complete their work and they can also be involved in developing and implementing budgets.

In a small company, the business manager may be the owner or may report directly to the owner. In a larger company, the business manager typically reports to upper executives. In smaller companies, the business manager may also oversee operations in a number of departments, while at a larger company the business manager may only oversee an individual department, like marketing or sales.

In terms of job duties, the business manager can also ready reports for upper management, make sure a department meets company standards and/or direct a team of workers who then oversee and direct another team. Other job duties of the business manager may include performing human resource duties, like discipline for employees or motivational activities. Managers can also establish incentives through performance-based goals to create a positive feedback environment.

Typically, employers prefer a business manager to hold a bachelor's degree and to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, along with above-average problem solving skills.