What Is the Job Description of a Bookkeeper?


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Bookkeepers are responsible for recording, updating and verifying the financial records of organizations. Related job titles with very similar duties are accountant and auditing clerk.

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What Is the Job Description of a Bookkeeper?
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Bookkeepers are required to know how to use online spreadsheets, bookkeeping software and databases to keep track of organizational finances. Their primary general duty is to track income and expenses and ensure that all recorded numbers are accurate. They may also report balance sheets and regular profit-and-loss reports and directly receive cash or check payments. Bookkeepers may be required to communicate directly with clients when handling payments or receipts.

Bookkeepers are generally expected to track the overall finances of an organization, while an accountant or auditor may specialize in a particular area in large organizations. They can generally expect to work full-time at regular business hours, though overtime may be required during busy periods, such as tax time or during audits at the end of the fiscal year.

Entry into the field generally only requires a high school diploma and familiarity with the organization's accounting software, though some employers may require college coursework in accounting or similar training. Training is mostly done on the job. There are several professional certifications available, though employers may not require them.

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