What Is the Job Description of a Biological Sciences Technician?


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A biological sciences technician provides assistance to a scientist or a team of scientists in executing experiments dealing with the biology of living organisms. A technician uses mathematics and science to help further the research and development of one or more scientific processes. Various tasks a technician often performs include the maintenance and usage of the laboratory equipment, experiment observation, data recording and research projects.

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The U.S. Board of Labor Statistics has estimated that between 2012 and 2022, the position openings for biological science technicians will increase by 10 percent. This is mainly due to the advancement of biotechnology, but is also due to competing pharmaceutical companies seeking to discover new medicines. Many technologists enter the field to work in the medical industry, to help research and develop cures for various ailments or to study organic substances. In 2013, the average wage for a biological technologist was $19.57 per hour.

To acquire a position as a biological technologist, an aspiring technologist should take high school math and science courses, especially biology and chemistry. Post-secondary education should include a four-year bachelor's degree in biotechnology, science, biology or a related major. Most learning takes place on the job through experience and training by veteran scientists.

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